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Reading flowmeter

  • Hi, I am looking for any information on getting the omega to read a flow metre. Basically just need to count pulses from a sensor. I have done a few projects out of the project book with the omega but haven't quite got my head around it all yet. I am hoping to get a flowmeter reading hourly that I can then SMS or tweet daily to recipient. I've read a few posts about interrupts and edge detection but haven't been able to set up docker to compile so was hoping for an easier way. Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

  • @Matthew-Beinke Is there a device selected? If so, posting a link to a datasheet would be very beneficial.

    Signal parameters would need to be understood. Signal conditioning would be required to get the pulses in the LVTTL range for the GPIO pin of choice. Pulse width and pulse repetition frequency (min and max for both) would help in understanding the parameters required for a counter in software.

    take care!

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