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MIPS Goes Open Source

  • Looks like a good move: MIPS Goes Open Source

    Will that MediaTek wifi driver that was the bane of our development efforts before the warp core release now enter the public domain, I wonder? ;->

  • @cas I wish it would!

    But I think the WiFi hardware Intellectual Property (IP) is something entirely different than the basic MIPS processor architecture.

    But MIPS going open source it is a strong signal that hopefully will make other IP holders (for the Omega2 WiFi, it would be MediaTek) consider open source as a good option.

  • @luz
    Yes, that's what I would be hoping too.
    One of the hurdles to the other IP holders even contemplating open source would be the proprietary MIPS situation and NDA's etc. With that barrier overcome, it should be easier down the line to release code openly. But it would have to make business sense first of course.

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