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Omega ssh connect and wifi setup

  • I need some help concerning the following issues:

    1. I can't see my Omega in wifi can't reach it while using ssh (I know that the omega uses and my home router uses so maybe there is a collision thingy but I can see the omega )
    2. after a while the oracle led shuts
    3. is the a way to create a bootable usb (via a macbook) the start the omega so I can check the settings, firmware and so forth.

    Thanks in advance

  • @Ger-Buurman-0 "Which dock are you using?" @cas asked on Dec 18th. Is it really so hard to reply for this simple question?

    after a while the oracle led shuts

    Omega2(+)'s boot process lasts about one (1) minute.
    If the amber LED permanently / fully turns off during this first minute then practically your Omega2+ turned off.
    If your Omega2+ turned off then it has no WiFi AP, it has no IP address collision, you can not connect to it with SSH and so on ...

  • @Ger-Buurman-0 The default WiFi access point is at, not I understand that was easily a typing error, however.

    Additionally, the access point will come up with it's own unique network. As such your home network is not relevant until you attempt to connect to it.

    take are!

  • @György-Farkas
    Is there any known reason why the led turns off after a while? power lack? jittering issue, doa ? Is there a way to get a new one .



  • @William-Scott
    Thanks Vill for the update, yes it is a typo and no I can't get access to the Omega. Is it a doa or are there any work arounds?



  • @Ger-Buurman-0 One area in which the O2 devices are notorious is power supply. Note @György-Farkas brought that up earlier in this thread. This is really key. I don't see a response to the question.

    Could you tell us which dock you're using or otherwise how are you powering up the device?

    take care!

  • @William-Scott
    Thanks Bill (sorry for the V)
    I am using exp dock tagged to a macbook.

  • @Ger-Buurman-0 No problem about my name - just another typo (6 & 7 are next to each other as are v and b ;^).

    Expansion Dock....this is progress!

    Connected MacBook to Expansion Dock (dock) via USB cable? Powering the dock this way?

    I have fried a many as five docks powering in this fashion (using a cheapo Windoze laptop belonging to a client). That probably isn't your problem as the devices had their voltage regulators burned up which would preclude any and all LED illumination. You do indeed have, at least temporary, LED illumination.

    I would remain skeptical of power until you can prove it isn't the problem as any and all attempts to reconfigure network params, etc., would be thwarted by poor power.

    Grab a multi-meter if you have one. The dock exposes both 5vdc and 3.3vdc on two header contacts each. Refer to https://docs.onion.io/omega2-docs/expansion-dock.html.

    Ensure the 5vdc is present with the MacBook connected. Follow that up by checking the 3.3vdc contacts. These steps will show you have 5vdc from the MacBook and the doc regulator is providing 3.3vdc.

    Do you have console access to the device via the USB? If not, set that up as per the getting started guide.

    take care!!

  • @Ger-Buurman-0 OK. Probably you have some mobile device charger: Output:5.0V (= or DC) 0.5A (or 500mA) - more A (Amper) / mA (milliAmper) would be even better and it has micro USB plug. Plug it to the Micro USB Port of the Expansion Dock and switch on the Power Switch of the Dock.

    After 2-3 minutes (the amber LED is not OFF / not dark - it is constantly ON / lit / illuminated) you should find a WiFi AP with SSID Omega-ABCD (ABCD is the last four characters on your Omega's sticker). Try to connect - password: 12345678

    Navigate your browser to (or http://omega-ABCD.local/) and try to follow this not too up-to-date First Time Setup guide.

    Good luck!

    I have no Mac and I don't use / don't know Onion's web based stuff - I prefer the Command Line (CLI).
    Try it Connecting to the Omega’s Command Line.

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