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Booting from USB

  • I am searching for a work around to boot my Omega via an USB. The documentation provide me with less then needed info. Somebody a suggestion or idea?
    Using: Omega2, exp dock, macbook
    (I can use ssh or web)

  • @Ger-Buurman-0 said in Booting from USB:

    I am searching for a work around to boot my Omega via an USB.

    Omega2+ can not boot from / via USB - you are only powered (more exactly try to power) it from USB.

    Your O2+ can not boot successfully. Is this true?
    If yes then you have some problem with this hardware config:
    [1. your MacBook] --- [2. a USB cable] --- [3. Expansion Dock with Omega2+]

    Let's suppose this [3. Expansion Dock with Omega2+] is OK.
    Try to power it with

    • the other USB port of the MacBook (if it has)
    • another USB cable
    • another PC
    • a self powered USB hub
    • a 5V minimum 1A Mobile Power Bank
    • a 5V minimum 0.5A mobile phone charger
    • if the USB ports of your FRITZ!Box 7581 router are free then try to use one of them

    Please let us know: I did this or that and the result was: Success or Fail.

    Let's suppose using one of the above methods your O2+ was able to boot - after 2-3 minutes the amber LED is constantly ON.
    Try to connect to your O2+'s WiFi AP wit your MacBook: SSID Omega-ABCD, password 12345678
    If yes try to connect your O2+ with SSH username: root@Omega-ABCD.local (or root@, password: onioneer
    If yes than press Enter and please let us know what you see on your MacBook's screen.

    Please do not fabricate complicated theories - do something simple thing and tell us what did you do and what did happen.

  • I have tried another USB port, another (fresh) cable, another macbook but ..... nothing. The odd things remains that I cant see omega-xxxx in my wifi list and cant ssh root@omega-xxxx.local. Can I use the oled exp.box to SEE the omega boots?

  • @ger-buurman said in Booting from USB:

    Can I use the oled exp.box to SEE the omega boots?

    No, you can't.

    Did your devices [Omega2+ on Expansion Dock] ever work before at all?

  • @Ger-Buurman-0 Thanks for all of the info
    ERGO: You can't boot the Omega2+ via and USB


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