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Omega 2+ on Arduino Dock - 3 non documented pins

  • Hi,

    I slowly working my way through the 11 basic projects. In checking the Arduino Dock R2 layout I noticed there are 3 pins that are not documented. They towards the top left corner, right to the reset button. They are tagged as Omega_TX, Omega_RX and GND.

  • @Antonio-Tirado You can connect - for example - any USB-to-3.3V TTL Serial module / cable to these pins to get a well working Serial Console.
    IMO this solution (a separate RX0, TX0, GND header) is much better than the onboard CP2102 USB-to-Serial chip on the Expansion Dock, the Mini Dock and particularly on the Omega2 Pro.

    See also: Official Omega2 Documentation Communicating with Serial Devices

  • @György-Farkas Thanks a lot for responding.

    Yes, I agree with you. This seems much more elegant.

    I started wondering about their function while thinking whether it is possible to provide a fast interface between multiple Omegas. It seems this is not exactly what I was looking for but still a very powerful mechanism.

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