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Developing in Ada for the Omega 2 (pro)?

  • Does anyone have any experience of developing in Ada for the Omega 2 (and looking forward to the pro)?

    Since GNAT (https://www.adacore.com/) can develop for ARM and seems to be used for Raspberry Pi development, I don't see why it shouldn't be useful for the Omega 2.

    The only problems I can foresee are possibly the UART, GPIO an display. But, if it's all ARM Linux, then maybe there isn't a problem?

    Does anyone have any experience?

  • @Graham-Keellings The Omega2 is not using an ARM chip, but MIPS. That’s s a different architecture.

    Still, I don’t think that the CPU architecture would be a problem. The thing to check is the resource requirements. The Onega2 has significantly less RAM than a RPi, is slower and the Linux running on it is a downsized distribution with an overall size of about 1/100 of what you have on a RPi.

    Bottom line: it really depends on how fat adacore is and what extrnal libraries it needs to run.

    But it seems other people have already done things with ada on OpenWrt - maybe you find more relevant info there.

  • @luz Thanks very much for the correction about MIPS, and for the helpful link

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