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GitHub now provides unlimited free private repos

  • The announcement from GitHub is here New year, new GitHub: Announcing unlimited free private repos and unified Enterprise offering

    So why is this useful.

    Well up until now, if you wanted GitHub to host your project, it had to be either open source and public or you had to pay to keep it private.

    Open source projects are great and I firmly believe in these.
    However, when you're just getting started with development you're going to have a bunch of little ideas that you want to tinker with. These ideas are going to include some terrible code and glaring mistakes. It's natural, you're learning.
    Now you don't really want to share these infant ideas with the world, so you want to work on them in private. At least at first anyway.

    Up until now, you had to either roll your own GitHub (ala GitLab) or your development efforts were restricted to residing on your local workstation at home, which is usually not very accessible when inspiration strikes in the middle of that daily commute and isn't necessarily easy to share with a couple of dev buddies.

    That now looks like a thing of the past, since you can do all your inspirational development in private on GitHub, warts and all, with all the benefits of a remotely accessible, remotely managed and hosted version controlled environment. Then if it's worthy of public exposure, you can do that with minimal effort.

    Thanks GitHub. šŸ˜„

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