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Connecting through Proxy (With network username and password)

  • Re: Connect via Proxy Omega2+

    Hi everyone,

    In response to the post above, has anyone found a working method for also adding network credentials/authentications to the proxy configuration, when the Omega2 is configured as a router? I am trying to configure Omega2 as a router that is connected to our University via the Ethernet interface that we have access to in the postgraduate offices.

    After following the standard router tutorial on Onion's website, everything appeared to be working correctly. However, with our University setup, in the event of accessing the network via LAN, we can only access Google services unless you use your provided proxy credentials - I normally enter the authentication once in a Chrome browser (Windows) or provide the required credentials in the usual /etc/apt/apt.conf configuration file in Ubuntu (Acquire::http:proxy "http//username:password@" 😉 which works as it should. Any ideas on how and where to implement/configure proxy authentication credentials?

    At this stage with the Omega2 configured as a router, I am only able to access Google's services and nothing else, i.e. somewhere my proxy credentials provided by the University should be added to the router configuration.

    Thank you in advance.

    Andrè Broekman, University of Pretoria, South Africa

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