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WiFi Signal Strength Status not working

  • Hi,

    Please help, not show quality signal Link Quality: unknown

    root@Omega-F413:~# iwinfo
    apcli0 ESSID: "DE_WEBOS_VI"
    Access Point: 08:60:6E:BB:21:D8
    Mode: Client Channel: 1 (unknown)
    Tx-Power: unknown Link Quality: unknown/100
    Signal: unknown Noise: unknown
    Bit Rate: 150.0 MBit/s
    Encryption: unknown
    Type: wext HW Mode(s): unknown
    Hardware: unknown [Generic WEXT]
    TX power offset: unknown
    Frequency offset: unknown
    Supports VAPs: no PHY name: apcli0

    Ω-ware: 0.2.2 b200

    Best regards

  • I suspect this is either a bug in the iwinfo binary, or just a missing bit of statistical data from the WiFi firmware. It doesn't work on mine either.

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