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how to cancel the echo(acoustic echo)?

  • I'm developing the audio system that tele-communication between server and client device over an internet.

    server device is PC with installed the windows10(have a function of echo cancellation.)
    so the function of echo canceller is installed as software.(control panel - sound property)
    and I used the omega2 as client device.(version : 4.4.74, 0.2.2 b201, using a alsa package)

    during communicating between server and client,
    on the server side, I speak to the omega2 and heard a my voice in server pc.
    but on the omega2 side, there was no echo voice in the omega2.

    it was an omega2 problem.
    (I heard the echo in server pc, because omega2 didn't delete the echo.
    and pc delete the echo, so I didn't heard the echo in omega2.)

    so I did googling about echo cancelling in linux, found the web site(https://github.com/voice-engine/ec).
    in this site, they told that have to install the libasound2-dev and libspeexdsp-dev.
    but omega2 don't have package that.

    so my question is :
    1st is, Does omega2 have a package similar a libasound2-dev and libspeexdsp-dev?
    2nd is, do you know the way of echo cancellation with omega2?

    let me know if you know the way or IC related to the echo cancellation.


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