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does anyone know about pulseaudio? how to install the package of libasound2-dev, libspeexdsp-dev?

  • I'm developing the audio system that tele-communication between server and client device over an internet.

    I had a problem that is echo(howling).
    so I'll fix the problem with installing the libasound2-dev and libspeexdsp-dev.
    but I didn't find that.(opkg install libasound2-dev libspeexdsp-dev)

    anyone know the way of installing above package?
    (I used the omega2 as client device.(version : 4.4.74, 0.2.2 b201, using a alsa package))


  • I installed the libspeex, not libspeexdsp.
    but opkg do not have a libasound2.

    and pulseaudio daemon didn't start.
    has anyone succeeded in executing the pulseaudio?
    Or anyone has the reference information about pulseaudio in omega2?


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