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Broken Switch

  • Hi,

    I have left this message in an old January 2016 thread. I have no problem with that - I just didn't want to clutter up the forum with complaints on issues that have already been resolved, plus I wanted to say that I'm not just asking for help without looking for previous discussions. As I suspected, I think it's too old to be watched any more.

    I've bought a total of five Omega2 & 2+'s, an Ethernet Dock, an OLED expansion board, an ARduino Dock, plus Expansion and Mini docks - they're a treat to work with. I have several configured as Range Extender duty, giving me WiFi all over the farm.

    Unfortunately, two of the early docks can't be used - broken switches. One is an Expansion Dock and the other is a Mini Dock. I got them along with Omega's on the first Kickstarter campaign.

    Unfortunately, both switches snapped as I was just starting to use them for the first time. I threw them in the junk drawer, thinking I would deal with them later..., "when I had more time". Hah! I only thought about them recently though, when I had an idea for another project (that's when I found the old threads from 2015 and 2016.)

    So..., can they still be exchanged after all this time? Do you need these dead ones back, or will a photo of the broken switch suffice? How about if I order a new Omega2+..., could you include them with that to help with freight on your end?

    Thanks either way - I still like the products.
    Dave Davies, Canada

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