Omega LED wont stop flashing Wifi Not Appearing

  • I don't think my Omega Boot Sequence is working. I was just trying to setup with it in my Arduino Dock, and the wifi appeared, but realised the dock was causing the Omega to insanely overheat (could smell burning) before I could properly connect.

    So I switched to the Starter Dock which isn't overheating the Omega, but now the LED wont stop flashing, hence the boot sequence isn't completing.

    Is there a chance the heat ruined the Omega and would result in Wifi not appearing. Or is the any debug suggestions?

    Thanks in Advance

  • @Angus-Ryan
    Not sure about a starter dock, but if it's the expansion or the mini dock, then you can connect to the console using the usb cable as explained here: Connecting via Serial

    Once connected, you can see what's happening and troubleshoot further.

  • @cas I've attached what the serial printed during the boot session. Not sure what I'm looking for but all I know is the wifi never appears and the LED doesn't stop flashing 0_1550757776303_error.PNG

    This just printed below [ 80.988350] random: nonblocking pool is initialized

  • Quite frankly the reset button doesn't seem to be doing anything. I attempted it earlier, not sure if faulty button or the Omega is refusing commands

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