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Which pins for OLED

  • I'm building an IoT device which includes the OLED module but the OLED mounted about 3 inches away from the connector on the power board. Since I have limits space in the product casing I'm trying to avoid using a ribbon cable, so I want to just connect the pins required for the OLED module. I'm a programmer not an electronics guy so I'm not sure which pins I need to connect and rather than guess and blow the thing up, I thought I'd ask. ­čÖé


  • @crispyoz If you are talking about Onion's OLED Expansion then read this post please:
    Connect oled expansion and omega 2+ only

  • Thanks Gyorgy,

    That worked for me.

    I wish the Omega OLED expansion was better designed because the display sits level with the top of the soldered pins making it impossible to embed the module in a casing.

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