Omega2(+) with OpenWrt 18.06 and the blue WiFi LED

  • Omega2(+) with an official OpenWrt 18.06 based firmware (v0.3.2 b217 or b218)

    Omga2(+) has got only one amber LED - there isn't any
    wireless.sta.led='omega2:blue:wifi' or

    Up to a corrected firmware version a simple workaround might help on a running system:
    uci set wireless.sta.led='omega2:amber:system'; uci commit; wifi on Omega2
    uci set wireless.sta.led='omega2p:amber:system'; uci commit; wifi on Omega2+
    and the amber (system/wifi) LED will work as usual:

    WiFi station amber LED trigger
    not connected Off none
    trying to connect... blinking (0.5 sec ON, 0.5 sec OFF) timer
    connected On default-on

  • The official v0.3.2 b219, b220 and b221 firmwares of Omega2(+) also have that "invisible" blue wifi LED.
    The above workarounds may help. Although the combined amber system/wifi LED won't be blue it'll show some WiFi related activity.
    Check it!

    • disconnect from a WiFi network: uci set wireless.sta.disabled='1'; uci commit wireless; wifi
    • (re)connect to a WiFi network: uci set wireless.sta.disabled='0'; uci commit wireless; wifi

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