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Omega and Cellular... any hope?

  • So I've been working on making a project that needs to utilize the USB GPS and a cellular data connection. I got my Hologram SIMs (although I think Ting would be cheaper) and went to order the cellular expansion and... nope. Apparently they were only for sale on Kickstarter. Looking in the forum I also found someone talking about not being able to use the cellular expansion and the USB GPS both due to some sort of restriction of only one device allowed to be created on the Omega.

    So is there any hope? Any alternative cellular card I could use along with the USB GPS dongle? I tried asking support but have only gotten back silence.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • There is, of course, the Nova https://hologram.io/store/nova-global-cellular-modem/36

    One problem I came across a while back was installing the Hologram Python SDK but any modem you get these days should be pretty easy to interface with a socket setup to the Hologram Cloud

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