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Omega2+ GPIO IRQ question

  • I've been hunting, but I'm not finding what I want. I know I can use sysfs to poll for GPIO interrupts, but Kit Bishop also had the GPIO signal interrupt working for the Omega. I'm wondering if that GPIO signal interrupt capability is available for the 2+ in the latest builds somehow? There is no gpio-irq kernel module available in opkg that I can find, and as built, /sys/kernel/debug/gpio-irq doesn't exist. I know I can build the gpio-irq .ko for this board, but am still working on getting kernel modules to build for the Onion. Hope to solve that today or tomorrow depending on time.

    The big question is, does this still work like it used to, or are we limited to sysfs and poll()?

    Thank you.

  • Try this: https://github.com/OnionIoT/gpioIrq

    But I 've never tested it! This code uses sysfs edge detection, so I think doesn't need an irq kernel module.

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