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CouchDb or PouchDb (node.js)

  • Hi,
    How can I install a CouchDb database in Omega?
    In my project, some nodes of a sensor network (zigbee) send data to a gateway (zigbee -> internet). I'm using a Rasp PI with Debian, Python + CouchDb to implement the gateway. I need a intermediary database, because the internet connection is unstable. To do this, CouchDb is great: a no-sql database that store local data and automatically sync to cloud when the internet connection is ok.
    I want to use the Omega insted of the Rasp, but I never used openWrt, and I dont know how install CouchDb or PouchDb (CouchDB-compatible HTTP server using JS/Node.js).

  • Hi @Jardel-Inacio-Moreira-Vieira, unfortunately I don't think the Omega has enough resources to run couchDB. I tried to do some google searches but I wasn't able to find any information on compiling it for OpenWRT. However, I was able to find a lite noSQL here: http://whitedb.org, however I am not sure if it fits your requirement.

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