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mmc0 stuck in programming state

  • Hello,

    I have developed a datalogger based on Onion Omega2s+ and sometimes I experienced some problems with the microSD card. Checkig the kernel messaged through dmesg, I found the following output:

    [60096.313467] msdc-1 -> XXX CMD<25> wait xfer_done<4096> timeout!! <- msdc_do_request() : L<1620> PID<mmcqd/0><0x16a>
    [60096.313501] msdc-1 -> DMA_SA = 0x626000 <- msdc_do_request() : L<1621> PID<mmcqd/0><0x16a>
    [60096.313519] msdc-1 -> DMA_CA = 0x626000 <- msdc_do_request() : L<1622> PID<mmcqd/0><0x16a>
    [60096.313537] msdc-1 -> DMA_CTRL = 0x6400 <- msdc_do_request() : L<1623> PID<mmcqd/0><0x16a>
    [60096.313556] msdc-1 -> DMA_CFG = 0x3 <- msdc_do_request() : L<1624> PID<mmcqd/0><0x16a>
    [60696.323472] mmc0: Card stuck in programming state! mmcblk0 card_busy_detect
    [60696.433433] msdc-1 -> XXX sdc_busy timeout: before CMD<55> <- msdc_command_start() : L<1036> PID<mmcqd/0><0x16a>
    [60696.498523] mmc0: tried to reset card

    After the last message, the microSD seems to work correctly again.

    Have you any idea about the origin of this problem?

    Best Regards,

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