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Ideas for use cases

  • Just wanted a thread to land some of the interesting things people could do with openwrt on the omega. I was poking around in menuconfig and saw a 'motion' package available with openwrt feeds for use with webcams. This would probably make it one of the more versatile motion detection to live video feed devices available.

  • Hmm then why is the deep research on opencv going on, that is what opencv does(I am no expert just initial reading) If this is a usable motion detection would really be interested in the complete package meaning camera and motion detection functioning. Guess we all would.

  • I have only used motion on the raspberry pi, but it's function is to take a photo or short video when motion is detected. It is a much simpler algorithm than opencv. You can actually use opencv to detect objects and faces. I haven't used it yet, but now have a book on the project and intend to try to get it to recognize members of my family.

    I was able to get the omega to stream video pretty easily (there are other threads). It was a pain to get the streaming library compiled on the pi.

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