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What's an efficient, low-resource CGI language to use with uhttpd ?

  • I want to write some simple CGI scripts, for example a page-load counter for visitors to a web page running on the stock uhttpd web server. The ability to include an external file would also be really useful but not a deal breaker if it can't be done.

    I've set up a content-streamer using uhttpd as the front page, and minidlna as the streamer. I think Python3-light is probably overkill (and rather large). Same for PHP7 I think.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • I‘d say, lua. That‘s what the openwrt web UI (LuCI) uses, and I guess uhttpd-mod-lua should be installable (or maybe already is installed?) on OnionOS. I have no own experience, though, because I build my own openwrt firmwares from sources.

  • @luz Thanks! I've managed to install that along with liblua by downloading and installing the ipk files. Now the fun starts!

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