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A new forum for Oboo Talk?

  • So I have just received my new Oboo Clock and wondering when we are going to open up a forum to discuss things about it. My main gripe atm is where is the developer access to it. SSH is not enabled by default and not sure what is the correct way to enable it.

    Is there and SDK for the cards working with the bluetooth app etc..

    Lots of questions come to mind.


  • Gets my vote!

    Also - any oBoo users in the UK? I find that if I try and set the location to UK for the weather, it flicks back to Northern Ireland for some reason.
    All this time in the pipeline, and the software is pretty basic!

  • @will-jenkins

    I am a UK user.. Does the same for me. A royal POA.

    I really want some sort of dev guiide to be released because I want to customise or blank the cards when not in use as it just confuses the intended target. Plus I have a script I can use to auto dim the display when Daylight savings cut in.

    Can we please have a devoted area to discuss such things ?

  • There is a separate forum for Oboo.


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