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Omega + ethernet + wifi + Class D Audio Amplifier = DIY Musiccast speaker

  • "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back before the morn."
    -- said the RAF pilot who never returned...

    Pretty simple to say it out loud, I want to use my existing passive stereo speakers from the 20th century incorporating Onion components (CPU, wifi, ethernet) with a stereo component like the Adafruit MAX9744 (or, one from parts-express) into a franken-cast speaker.

    Basically, the easiest way to make a speaker work with Musiccast is to connect the speaker to the network through ethernet, connect it to the app, change the connection to wireless, then disconnect from ethernet.

    I know how to create bluetooth speakers but I have all these nice Onion components lying around collecting dust, so...

    1. Make sure I can replicate https://onion.io/2bt-omega-i2s-audio/
    2. Create the circuitry to dry run it on a breadboard with small throwaway speakers
    3. Create a 3D printer internal case for the speaker cabinet
    4. Solder everything up and hope it works?

    Any advice?

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