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Omega2+ does not boot, draws 1A, gets very hot

  • My project was working just fine, but then my Omega2+ suddenly halted. When I checked the device, it was pretty hot, so I assume the poweoff was some kind of automatic safety measure.

    So I switched it off (the expansion dock switch), waited for the device to cool off, switched on again, the amber LED went on, then blinking while booting, then stopped blinking, just like normal boot sequence. But the device nevertheless started to heat up again, and after short time the power LED went off.

    So I plugged in my multimeter to measure the current draw, and it shows 0.4A at this emergency-poweroff state, 0A when the expansion dock switch is off, and 1A when I switch it back on. Now the onboard power LED does not go on anymore.

    The power source is 5V switched-mode power supply, there's no reason to think that it's not stable.

    I my Omega2+ dead? Is there any way to find out for sure? A very disappointing and bitter end to a project that was supposed to go live for Christmas.

  • @Pavils-Jurjans Please measure the input 5V and the output 3.3V on the Expansion Header of Expansion Dock when the Power Switch is ON - with and without Omega2+.
    Do you have any other Dock and/or Omega2(+)?

  • I supply power via the dock's GND and 5V pins. I now tried to power it from USB socket, and the behaviour is the same — device heats up, power LED does not go on.

    With or without the Omega2+ plugged in, the voltage across GND and 3.3V pins is lingering around 3.28V.

  • @Pavils-Jurjans If I were you I'd try to power that Omega2+ via the GND pins and the 3.3V VIN pin with 3.3V of course.
    If - in this case - the current consumption remains about 0.4A then your Omega2+ is dead - unfortunately.
    The normal current should be about 0.2A @3.3V.

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