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Omega2 pro insufficient memory

  • Hi,
    I am trying to setup an Omega2 pro. But I am not able to install apps like node red. Which seems to be caused by insufficient memory. I tried oupgrade. When I start o2-pro-init manually, it finishes immediately without any output. Any hint what I am doing wrong?


  • After HOURS of trying and updating the firmware several times it is now working. OUPGRADE was not helpful at all. I think I managed the upgrade by installing the firmware manually. I think SYSUPGRADE with switches -n -p has made the job.
    So I still do not really know what I have done. My next step would have been studying how to set up and configure the overlayfs. Anyway, please check your upgrade scripts. It is very annoying spending so much time for installing a system that should run from scratch.
    0_1577622904517_Screenshot from 2019-12-29 13-32-34.jpg

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