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USB audio pops on USB hub

  • Hi to all,
    I have a strange issue connecting an usb audio device on my Omega2+. If I connect the usb audio directly to usb port of the Onion it works fine. But I need a webcam too, so I connect the webcam and the usb audio card via a usb hub. The webcam works fine and the also the usb audio works (if I reproduce music, talk or white noise), but if I play a continuous tone (for example 500 Hz), the audio pops!
    If I connect the audio device directly to the usb port (without the hub), it works fine also for the tone.
    It doesn't matter the codec sample rate (I tried 8 khz, 16 khz and 32 khz) or if the webcam is present or not.

    Maurizio Messa

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