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Is Omega2+ able to comunicate to OBD2/CANBus?

  • Hi all, currently I'm novice in all stuff for Omega2+
    I'd like to know if Omega2+ can read/write data to OBD2 via bluetooth (eg.: Vgate iCar, ELM327, etc), any specific data cable (eg.: MPPS V13.02) or "direct GPIO-to-OBD2" pins comm.
    I noted a link that could maybe be usefull for programming (https://github.com/ejvaughan/obdii and https://github.com/evandentremont/ELM327).
    Some resources that could be nice trying to develop are: Data Logger (Telemetry), Alerts for Error Codes (DTC) and failures, and maybe moduling data in transit.
    Show compiled data as a dashboard in a web page is not too hard, the main difficulties are about the comms and conections.
    Thanks in advance.

  • The Omega2 doesn't have bluetooth support built in. If you'd like to talk CANbus you could add a USB to CAN dongle. If you'd like to talk bluetooth do you know of those dongles do bluetooth or ble?

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