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Raspberry pi project replace with omega possible or not

  • i have a project running on my raspberry pi zero w like scans data from serial pins checks the data in the sql database and responds back on the state of data and later this all data is displayed in a php or HTML page will i be able to replace all of this to a omega board like omega2 or 2+ as the have pins for installing on pcb easily

  • Yip, i dont see anyreason why not. I always suggest you start with the omega 2+ as it has more space.

  • @UFD can it sustain the ram usage of it has pi 0 w has 512mb ram and omega 2+ has 128mb of ram i am going to be using these as server for nearly 10 slaves on it depending what is situation in power failure

  • Since u have an existing implementation on the rpi, you should be able to check how much ram, cpu, and disk ur application requires.

  • @Akash614 if you need a definitive answer you would need to give more specific details. @UFD is quite correct, the main issue would be that of capacity. The Pi has more RAM and a faster CPU, but if you don't require these then the Omega may well be suitable.

    From your initial question:

    1. Onion has UARTs available
    2. Onion can run a database (I use SQLite3 on an sdcard)
    3. You can run a web server, in fact I run 2 different web servers on my devices

    So it comes down to capacity and performance.

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