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installation of zbar library in python

  • Good morning,
    I'm trying to install the zbar library on the onion omega 2s but it always hangs on the installation of numpy. i have the same error even after extending the memory. can anyone help me?

  • @evelina Please post a screen shot of the attempt and error.

  • ErrorZbarPyInstall_2.jpg

  • @evelina Presumably it's apparent as to why the first attempt displayed failed - python(2) versus python3 and of course pip(2) versus pip3. The second attempt? The screen shot is cut off right about the magic place the success or failure becomes evident. Try again?


  • @evelina Bit of a hint for preparation of problem postings that are likely to garner higher quality replies. At the top of the screen one of the links is for "Tags". Click it and search for "markdown", or just cheat and go to this link ==> https://community.onion.io/tags/markdown. The three postings are very good for learning how to employ markdown on this site.

    Using markdown you'll be able to post a screen shot that is scrollable such that we can derive more useful info that can help vector in on a solution to your issue.


  • thank you for your help. the problem would seem to be installing the numpy library. my application is to recognize a python qr code.
    do you think that installing a debian partition and running on sd card can solve the problem? there is another way for you? (errore numpy.png link url)

  • @evelina You have a mountain of storage. That is not an issue. I question the use of the --build flag and attendant directory to the 'pip install' command. Firstly, is it required? Secondly, is it used correctly? Let's look at the latter, first.

    root@Omega-DE0B:~# pip3 install -h
      pip3 install [options] <requirement specifier> [package-index-options] ...
      pip3 install [options] -r <requirements file> [package-index-options] ...
      pip3 install [options] [-e] <vcs project url> ...
      pip3 install [options] [-e] <local project path> ...
      pip3 install [options] <archive url/path> ...
      Install packages from:

    Quite apparent options are interpreted prior to a package(s) specification.

    With so much storage I would simply permit the installer to determine where to store temp files. Removal of the install option is likely a good thing in and of itself and it surely appears as though it's use is incorrect, causing the installation to fail.


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