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I2C protocol - LCD screen

  • Hello!
    I am trying drive a simple two rows LCD screen, using
    Omega2Pro with I2C protocol.
    So far, I am only being able to turn off de LCD screen backlight...
    I am using de same set up in the pictures of documetation...

    My input and outputs:
    I tried: git clone https://github.com/Fires04/OnionOmega-I2C-LCD
    Output: fatal: destination path 'OnionOmega-I2C-LCD' already exists and is not an empty directory.
    I tried: cd fireonion_i2c_lcd/src
    Output: -ash: cd: can't cd to fireonion_i2c_lcd/src: No such file or directory
    I tried: python lcd.py --help
    Output: python: can't open file 'lcd.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

    Others outputs:
    Package git (2.16.6-1) installed in root is up to date.
    Package git-http (2.16.6-1) installed in root is up to date.
    Package python (2.7.17-1) installed in root is up to date.
    Package pyOnionI2C (0.9-1) installed in root is up to date.

    I am only trying write something in a LCD screen...
    Any help?...
    Thank you!

    <Even pilots, will read documentation manuals, when their airplanes are falling down>


  • @Lino-Amorim Hello guys! I have good news! I GOT IT!...


    < "A man isn't man, IF he can't drive a screen"... >

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