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libpcap-dev for omega2?

  • I own a few different versions of the Omega 2's, but hadn't done much with them for a long time. Just pulled them out to try running a python script I wrote for passive OS fingerprinting, but it needs the libpcap headers in the development package (libpcap-dev).

    I don't see it available in the main repositories for onion and a quick glance I don't see it in openwrt, but hopefully I just missed it.

    Any chance there is an official package out there somewhere?

  • -dev(...elopment) files install only inside SDK. Runtime OS doesn't have and need that, you can find only dynamic libraries (*.so). Static libs (*.a) don't install too.

    You have to manual compile lib in the SDK, then you can see all files. But why your Python project need c-headers, It seems incorrect?!

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