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I2C slave mode

  • I just ordered a few Omega2 PROs to prototype an industrial protocol translator for an existing application that cannot change. I want to be able to act as an I2C slave and translate simple data queries into somewhat more complex (and multiple) transaction over TCP to a data server. Then the final results will be fed back to the I2C master in small chunks.

    This thread indicates that in 2016 there was no I2C slave support in the driver. 4 years later, is this still the case? If so, I could bit-bang the implementation, but to do so correctly, I would want to be able to concurrently poll both SDA and SCL at once. From what I can see of the GPIO interface, I would have to serially poll and then the order of edges detected will not necessarily match reality unless the sampling rate is faster than twice the edge-to-edge timing.

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