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3D Printed Wall Mount Case for Omega Dash

  • I designed this case so I could wall mount my Omega Dash. The case is in two parts that clip together using snaps. I designed this using the Dash Beta device and the LCD moved around a bit so some adjustment to the LCD recess may be required, I'll update it once I receive my production devices.

    DashCase-Top.png DashCase-Top2.png DashCase-Bottom.png

    Here is a photo of the rough 3D printed version, it needs finishing and I am a terrible photographer.

    This is printed on a FlashForge Guider2S using PLA filament, the extruder is set to 220 degrees, the bed is heated to 20 degrees and I use a glue stick for adhesion. I print the top plate face down so there is no need for supports, no brim and no raft.


    STL files are here: https://github.com/crispyoz/Omega-Dash-Casing.git

  • @crispyoz Outstanding! Congrats!


  • That's wonderful. I've started working on a case, but having to learn Fusion 360 to do so. This will save me a bunch of time.

    I'll print one up and see what I can do with it.


  • @Ian-Smith I designed this on TinkerCad, it's much easier to use then Fusion 3D

  • @crispyoz
    I printed the top of the case and it came out beautifully. A very impressive piece of work!

    And, I tried out TinkerCad and found it reasonably intuitive and obvious. Goodbye Fusion.

    Would you be willing to share your TinkerCad files with the community? My enclosure will be stand mounted and needs a little more room for a daughter pcb and input jacks.

    Thanks a bunch for your work!

  • @Ian-Smith You just import the STL into TinkerCad and you're all set.

    In TinkerCad create a new design then look at the top right for "import" then you can import the STL into that design.

    I just made the TinkerCad designs public, there are two parts, "Top" and "Bottom" in separate design files. search for "Dash Case" or maybe easier search for me by username crispyoz

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