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3D Printed Wall Mount Case for Omega Dash

  • I designed this case so I could wall mount my Omega Dash. The case is in two parts that clip together using snaps. I designed this using the Dash Beta device and the LCD moved around a bit so some adjustment to the LCD recess may be required, I'll update it once I receive my production devices.

    DashCase-Top.png DashCase-Top2.png DashCase-Bottom.png

    Here is a photo of the rough 3D printed version, it needs finishing and I am a terrible photographer.

    This is printed on a FlashForge Guider2S using PLA filament, the extruder is set to 220 degrees, the bed is heated to 20 degrees and I use a glue stick for adhesion. I print the top plate face down so there is no need for supports, no brim and no raft.


    STL files are here: https://github.com/crispyoz/Omega-Dash-Casing.git

  • @crispyoz Outstanding! Congrats!


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