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SPI-flash memory

  • hi,
    i have setup spi flash memory to my onion omega2S. how we can make spi flash memory consider as a secondary memory(local memory). can I do using SPI memory like as uploading files & installing packages while running time?. plz, help me ...........

  • @Nagarjuna-Reddy If the memory is functioning it should be visible as a device, and typically would be mounted. Please post the out put of these commands:

    df -hT

  • @crispyoz Hi sir can you verify below image. I have connected SPI flash memory externally for storage purpose, but it's not detecting. how to solve it.spi-flashmemory.PNG ubusscall.PNG

  • @crispyoz sorry i forget to add one more image plz verify this image alsospi-flashmemory.PNG ubusscall.PNG mmmmm.JPG

  • @Nagarjuna-Reddy It seems like it is not being detected which I suspect it needs a kmod to detect it. Do you see the device identified in the console when booting? Can you post the log and details of the flash, part # etc so we can see exactly what it is and what kmod it may require. I recall kmod_spi_mmc (off the top of my head) is required for one of my boards.

  • Hi crispyoz,
    one of onion omega developer(Lazar Demin) said below reasons
    Hi Nagarjuna,
    Since SPI flash cannot be easily connected and disconnected like USB storage or SD cards, the Linux kernel does not support automatic detection of SPI flash devices or partitions on the devices.
    Instead, the SPI flash must be defined in the Kernel Device Tree.

    See how the Omega's internal flash device and partitions are defined in the device tree specification (DTS) here: https://github.com/OnionIoT/source/blob/openwrt-18.06/target/linux/ramips/dts/OMEGA2.dtsi#L103

    To support an external flash, you'll need to:

    1. Add the SPI flash & it's partitions to the DTS
    2. build a new firmware with the modified DTS.

    I have verified it clearly. but I am worrying about onion guys are saying(Onion Corporation is not responsible for any damage to your device caused by using custom firmware or packages not built and released by Onion Corporation).

    can you please help me sir how to add SPI code in custom firmware for detection of external SPI bus device.

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