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Can't install anything from the legacy console

  • I've been attempting to set up my onion omega2+, but I get taken for a loop whenever I try to install anything on the legacy console. I click install, then it says it's done and asks me to refresh the page. I do that and it just takes me back to where I was. I've tried

    opkg update
    opkg install onion-console-base

    Which I found on another post from someone having a similar problem. Everything passed on the update and onion-console-base returns

    Package onion-console-base (0.1.4-2) installed in root is up to date.

    The resolution they eventually found was to use an SSID without any special characters, but that isn't working for me.

    Not sure if this is relevant, but I've also noticed that if I remove the SD card and connect it to the computer, the computer says it needs to repair the card. I do that successfully, reformat (FAT32), out it in the onion and repeat.

  • Try the following steps:

    uci set onion.console.setup=1
    uci set onion.console.install=1
    uci commit onion

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