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Second serial on the Omega Dash

  • Hi, I've been searching the forum but none of the posts I've found apply.

    I have a device (SIM808) that's controlled via two serial ports. I've successfully connected it to the Omega Dash through pins 45 and 46, but none of the pins I've seen referenced on other posts is available on the connector.

    I suspect that the Dash's screen needs quite a bunch of the GPIOs and the ones needed for /dev/ttyS0 are used for something. Is this true?


  • @victoriano Serial ports of Omega2S+ on Omega2 DASH
    Unfortunately I don't have such device so according to the schematic:

    • UART0 (/dev/ttyS0) - Serial Console (via an on-board CP2104 USB-to-Serial chip - Micro USB port)
      TXD0 GPIO12 - CP2104 RXD0
      RXD0 GPIO13 - CP2104 TXD0

    • UART1 (/dev/ttyS1)
      TXD1 GPIO45 - Expansion Header GPIO45
      RXD1 GPIO46 - Expansion Header GPIO46

    • UART2 (/dev/ttyS2)
      TXD2 GPIO20 - not exposed
      RXD2 GPIO21 - drives LEDA via the Q3 PNP inverter

    You could connect a USB-to-Serial converter/cable to the USB Host Port to get one more serial line.

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