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Smart irrigation system

  • Hi! Some time ago, together with my friends, I started a side project and I’d like to share with you some thoughts about it 🙂 Day-to-day we’re working as programmers building and deploying software for different companies. Once we came up with an idea of designing and building an intelligence system for gardens watering. Our purpose is to create an economic and environmentally friendly solution. The plan is to reduce the usage of water which resources are running out and related costs, especially in developing countries. We put most logic of the system into a cloud-based web application that communicates with the controller device. This one we based on Onion Omega2S. The system works with 12 solenoid valves and we planning to implement two modes. Automatic with build-in AI, which applies watering schedule (time and duration) basing on current weather conditions (temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind), weather forecast, history of watering, conditions specific for particular climate zone and type of plants. This mode doesn’t require any specialistic knowledge to be run and used successfully. So almost none configuration, just plug it in and it will do the job. The second one will be manual, so users will be able to configure all the parameters on their own. All configuration and management will be done via the mobile application for both platforms (we are thinking also about integration with Apple HomeKit). The controller device is compatible with most of the solenoid valves and uses a 2-inch display to show some base information. It connects to the network via WiFi, so switching to this solution from already existing systems should be easy also. Overall we estimate that our solution could cost half of the price of comparable devices on the market. Currently, we have a prototype with a dedicated operating system and part of the controller software. In the video below, you can see how a sample of the controller device interface looks like.
    What do you think about this project? Do you think this idea has any chance to succeed? Will anyone would like to use this? Would you like to have such a solution in your garden? 🙂
    Thank you very much for all the comments and have a great day! 🙂

    Video - booting




  • @supczinskib Intelligent watering systems are not a new idea, but any exiting idea can always be improved so I am interested to see what you come up with.

    I currently have a home automation system installed in my apartment and a very large garden (image attachedIMG_20171124_145022_panorama.jpg ) which I integrated with my home automation system so I've been tweaking this for about 7 years now. I do see a potential flaw in your "Automatic" system. Watering plants is more than just weather, it is about soil moisture and soil moisture is impacted by numerous factors, including the type of soil, ground coverage and obstructions. For a very basic garden maybe this idea would work, but a garden of any complexity will require reading soil moisture otherwise you'll end up over watering or under watering. Different plants require different moisture levels to survive so I ended up using moisture sensors in order to allow my system be able to understand the moisture content of the various areas of the garden and any specific plants that need special attention.

  • @crispyoz Thanks a lot for your opinion. Ps. beautiful garden.

  • @supczinskib, please tell us how did you make splash boot screen with a progress bar?

    Also how use third-party touch input device in the Omega?

  • @Modest-Polykarpovich Unfortunately, I cannot describe the complete solution. This is complicated and it requires a lot of kernel modifications. About 2,000 lines of code. The IPS display is not a touchscreen. It is based on the ST7789V chip and does not work properly with any available drivers. We wrote our own driver based on a similar one and applied it.

  • @supczinskib, thank you for the answer. Your UI looks like production factory device.

    Your idea has interes in general. I think main controller need a bigger display for monitoring parameters. All its configurations must be declared via web-intetface or any cloud server.

    Also this device need a big hardware part (pums, valves, sensors including remoted). I think it needs a big database about botany as help-part for users.

    By the way... sensors you can power by solar sells, to trsnsfer data you can get LoRa net.

  • @Modest-Polykarpovich Thanks you for your comments and views. We strive to make the user experience as positive as possible. The next stage of work on the controller is coming to an end. We will publish the results soon.

  • A working prototype! [video]

    It took a while, but the work is progressing. This is not one of those projects that is dying in the early stages 🙂 We have a prototype and first implementation. Hope the owner doesn't love his garden very much 🙂

    In some time I will write about further work progress.
    Have a nice day!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @supczinskib congratulations on completing your prototype!

    The video doesn't download on my machine other then the first images.

  • @crispyoz Thank you. Check if you can play the video now.

  • @supczinskib Works fine now, thank you. Your UI looks nice, easy to understand.

  • @crispyoz It's nice that you like it. Thanks.

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