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httpd same ip address as my router when updating the firmware through the browser

  • I have a problem where ip's conflict, just got the ethernet shield today and i am following the guide, how can i change the address httpd uses?

  • Hi @Eoin-O'Dowd, are you talking about firmware update through uboot? In that case, it's rather complicated. It would be much easier if you just disconnect from your current WiFi network just for the duration of the firmware flash.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • i can't get it to connect to the internet either through wifi or ethernet shield what could be possibly wrong, i have flashed it with the latest firmware and let it reboot itself, i just can't understand why it wont connect or even show the AP, could it be possible that this is just broken, i have done nothing with it since i got it on flash the firmware and try and connect it to the internet! any ideas?

  • How does it look when you connect to it on serial console via USB? can you run wifisetup?

    Omegas have this behaviour where every 10 minutes there's a script running that checks if wifi connection is present. if there isn't, it creates an access point based on ethernet mac address .

    When I upgrade using oupgrade or through the browser my network gets screwed up. My omega is set up to connect to the local network. Omega's access point is disabled. After upgrading, the connection doesn't start up automatically. That built-in script that runs every 10 minutes tries to create an access point breaks my wifi config by editing my config file and leaving it in an unusable state.

    I have a USB stick with omega's wifi settings and copy that over after each upgrade. Basically, i keep a backup of /etc/config/wireless

  • It's ok i got it to flash right, problem seemed to be closing the browser when you run the web server (after it says it's ok to do so) i'm happy now got wifi and ethernet. Thanks for your help.

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