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Using omega to flash other SoC/ Recommended communication protocol

  • In my project my goal is to use the nrf52832 BLE SoC to handle BLE (in Slave mode if applicable) connections and send data to the Omega2p and vice versa. I have been researching the different communication protocols (I2C, SPI, UART) based on ease of implementation, speed, hardware etc. and I am leaning toward SPI. However I am wondering:

    • if the Omega being half duplex undermines it advantages?
    • I've read I can use software based SPI on any GPIO but was curios what disadvantages this poses?
    • was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on what to use or had good experience communicating with other SoCs. NOTE: I also have a secure element that will be using 400kHz I2C.

    Another thing to consider is, I am planning to flash the nrf SoC firmware from the omega. Are there any good resources on how to do this or any recommendations?


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