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Help for project

  • We have to implement a project with the following features:


    • Ethernet port
    • Rs485
    • Usb Port
    • 1 Output Relay

    The software requirements are:

    • Create ftp server (Create and delete files to obtain log files, or do a firmware update)
    • Create soap server (Communicate with anouther server)
    • Create a simple terminal interface

    We are considering using the #omega 2+ instead of the raspberry but we have never used it before and we would like your opinion if this can be a good option and also we would like to ask the community if there is someone that could help us to make it happen?

  • @Franmcm said in Help for project:

    omega 2+

    Hi Franmcm, the omega2 + is an excellent choice for your hardware and software requirements. If you have used raspberry you will not have problems with omega2 +.

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