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Omage 2+ Onboard UART oddly broken

  • Re: Request for improvement on driver for ttyS_ (or help to do it myself)

    I think I am seeing the above issue crop up with the latest version on the Omega 2+

    Not quite sure where to start debugging but I can verify that my serial device works correctly when I connect an USB serial adaptor to the Omega2+ but connecting to the ttyS0, I will be dropping parts of the bytes seemingly randomly.

    The signal looks OK on an oscilloscope and things like different baud rates seem to make little difference.

    Even weirder is that I can see some of the bytes "overflowing" into the TX line from the RX line, so my other device gets also flooded with garbled data even when not sending anything.

  • Just updated to the Ω-ware: 0.3.2 b233 and confirmed this is still an issue there too.

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