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Need WiFi to use Onion once set-up?

  • Hi - once an Onion has been set-up and LAN connection over Wifi to another system is working with no issues (e.g. Omega-XXXX to a laptop) - will the system work without the original Wifi connection used to set-up?

    I am about to take the system 'on-the-road' and I will not have my home Wifi setup to take with me!

    Cheers, S

  • @SKS Once you have completed your Omega2 setup and connected to your Omega2 to home wifi, the access point (AP) you use to connect to your Omega2 is still functional. So if you no longer have access to your home wifi it doesn't disable the AP, so you can still use that AP to connect to your Omega2.

  • @crispyoz Thanks!

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