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Node-red dashboard UI fails to load

  • Hi all,

    Can't seem to get the dashboard UI interface to work on my Omega2S+

    When I try to view the UI url I get:

    "Welcome to the Node-RED Dashboard
    Please add some UI nodes to your flow and redeploy."

    Have done a factory reset twice and still have the same problem.

    Reset > Install NodeRed via OS > install nmp with opkg in terminal > add dashboard node (3.1.1) in node-red > add a UI node > try to view and get error...

    Can't find out how to view the node-red logs on the onion. Any help appreciated.

    It was working fine about 6 months ago. I updated OS and node-red when I got back into this project...

    === Version Info ===
    Omega firmware: v0.3.2 b232
    onion-os - 1.0.6-1
    = OnionOS Apps =
    oos-app-nodered - 1.0.0-1

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