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HiSPi Camera Interface Support(?)

  • I am interested in interfacing directly with a camera over HiSPi (High Speed Serial Pixel Interface, 4 differential data lanes + a clock lane - beyond the serial control of the actual sensor) in order to take advantage of the full resolution at full speed (1080p@60fps) of the specific sensor in mind.

    Obviously this interface is not implemented directly on the MT7688.. Should there be any issue/bottle neck of multiplexing available pins into the 4 data lanes? Would there be a preference of various pins to leverage differential pairs for efficient parallel processing of the image data?

    Any foreseen bottlenecks?


  • Small note here, MIPI CSI-2 can also use more [than two] lanes (it's basically the same interface, and I believe uses I2C to control/setup the sensor). This is offered with newer 22-pin connector based camera sensors for other solutions - I may need to dig into their schematics + source a bit to understand which pins on their chips they use, but there is an assumption here that they have the support for the interface built in.

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