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How to build images offline for sd card/mmc

  • I am new to the onion, and so far am very impressed. I am accustomed to more powerful processors and buildroot, so there is a lot of transfer.

    I have tested Extending the storage to an sd card/USB

    But my desired workflow is to build applications offline and flash/update partitions on the target. This is possible using
    the openwrt source https://github.com/OnionIoT/source . But what I am running into is that the build system only builds for the onion on board Flash. The build system will throw an error when the image size is greater than the onboard flash.

    This leads to two questions :

    1. Is there a way to boot to the sd card/emmc directly ? (rather than the pivot file system)
    2. Is there a way to generate an sd card image from the boot system that can be accessed by the flash storage ?

    Ultimately, my goal is to design a PCB with an MMC, without having to manually download my packages using opkg. Previous processors I have worked with, I have the MMC/SD card partitioned, and the bootloader starts at the MMC/SD addres rather than the flash address.


  • Hey me too wanted to know that and i was posting than got this post as suggestion and still waiting for the answer.

  • +1 on the need to boot directly from an sd card/emmc

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