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Internet of things

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  • Not sure about your router, but on mine, the guest network option that secures it from the regular network (isolation) would also prevent items on the guest network from talking to each other... which makes it pretty useless for IoT unless each Thing is talking via a cloud service. And with isolation off, I'm pretty sure that devices on the guest network can talk to devices on the regular network.

    If your router's guest network isolation works differently, I'd love to know which router it is! I may pick one up.

    I was actually thinking about setting up one of my Onion Omegas as a separate network for IoT, but right now I've got three hubs (hue, vera, and sinope) that connect via ethernet cable, so I'd have to rig up some sort of switch/mini-router to get them onto the Omega's network. And then I'd still have to figure out how to set it up so that devices on my regular LAN could talk to the IoT network, but not vice versa. Otherwise, there would be issues with control apps that require being on the same network as the devices they control... or again, they'd have to talk via the cloud (and I like to keep things local if at all possible).

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  • Hi @Rudy-Trujillo, since the Omega can serve an AP and be on a network simultaneously, it might be more secure to do the setup on the AP instead of temporarily enable the intranet connection. The specific workflow still needs to be fine-tuned, but I think generally speaking, keeping IoT devices in an isolated network is probably the best practice.

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