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Incomplete Shipment

  • Hi. I ordered a printer kit with additional onion omega (onion, dock, mini dock) and oled expansion amounting to $134. Last friday (Nov 6 2015) I received a package containing only the onion omega (onion, dock, mini dock). Oled and printer kit are missing. Is this normal to not receive the printer kit and oled expansion at this period?

    edit 1: after inputting my KS email address in ks.onion.io it displays this.
    Your order has been shipped
    on 2015-10-20
    you should receive your Omega within 3 weeks after the shipping date

  • Hi Jethro, the printer will be shipped out in the coming week. We had to split shipment so that you can get the Omega asap and the rest to come as they become ready. Could you submit a ticket to onion.freshdesk.com so I can look into the OLED issue and let me know the email or name used in your Kickstarter order as I am unable to find you in the system at the moment.


  • Hi Francis,

    I have provided my KS email address in the ticket that I've just created. Thanks!

  • Hi,

    Yesterday I received the Printer Kit from our Post Office but the Omega was missing on the package. I've only received the thermal printer, ac/dc adaptor, pins, oled expansion and the thermal paper.

    From what I've understand on my order. I've Ordered 1 Omega + dock, oled expansion and Printer Kit (which contains another Omega Kit) But there's no Omega in my package (printer kit).

    Already sent message thru KS messaging and support email.

  • Hi @Jethro-Gutierrez, I apologize for the mistake. We will put in a request to send you the Omega. Sending it to the same address is okay?

  • Hi Boken,

    Sent a message in KS for this.

  • Hi Boken,

    I've not received any update on this since. btw, my ks name is jet log and email address is not the same as what I've used here.

  • @egg Hi Jet, can you private message me your email for kickstarter? Let's see what the status is with your order.

    Sorry about the inconvenience!

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