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Is there a step by step for setting up private/public key use

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  • Hi @Rudy-Trujillo, Here's a quick run down of what you need to do. I will update this into the Wiki tomorrow:

    1. Open up the terminal on your computer, and navigate to .ssh
    cd ~/.ssh
    1. Turn on your ssh-agent, which is a daemon that manages your ssh keys:
    eval `ssh-agent -s`
    1. Generate the Private/Public key pair
    ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "user@email.com"
    1. Now just follow the wizard, and it will generate a key for you. If you left everything at the default value, your private key will be saved at id_rsa, and your public key will be saved at id_rsa.pub.

    2. Then, you will be adding your key to your system, so that your computer will know which key to login to servers/omega with:

    ssh-add id_rsa
    1. Finally, you just need to copy the content of your id_rsa.pub and place it on a new line in the authorized_keys file on the remote computer you want to log into. The location of this file is usually in the user's ~/.ssh folder. If you are using this to log into the Omega, the file should be under /etc/dropbear. Note, if you are unable to find this file in the folders mentioned, you simply need to create it.


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