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Python 3.9+ Binding to LVGL

  • I have written a Python 3.9+ binding to LVGL. I am looking for information on cross compiling it so it will run on the omega series MCU's. I am also need to know about access to GPIO's to write display drivers. If there is anyone that is able to help me out with that aspect of it it would be a big help.

    The binding I wrote compiles LVGL into a shared library and I am using ctypes to access the library. The Python ctypes code is generated by the build routine so when changes to LVGL are made a simple click of a button compiles a new version of the binding. Does SDL work on the Onion? if it does then it will support SDL which is already up and functioning on Ubuntu and Windows.

  • @kgschlosser Have you looked at the LVGL discussion in relation to the Omega Dash product? The Dash uses an Omega2S+ with an LCD controlled using a frame buffer.


    I previously added some stuff about SDL in that thread, yes it works.

    Regarding Python 3.9, which version of OpenWrt are you using?

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